Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey Everybody it is almost SPRING!!

I recently won a beautiful real pearl  bracelet by just entering a giveaway. So enter those giveaways, they really work. I have submitted a necklace, that had to be made out of trash,or recycled items. I submitted a Necklace called "Spring Garden". I made it out of plastic cups melted to look like flower petals, beads made out of real potatoes, old earrings 2 pair I never wore a chain, some extra beads, and some left over paper flowers from making a journal....I won't know until 3-19-12. Problem is, I submitted mine  there were no other necklaces in the running, then a lady submitted one that looks almost exactly like mine....GO FIGURE!!

I submitted three (3) necklaces for a Oscar Challenge, one was done with beautiful, gray pearls, glass stones, accented with a gray chain, and beautiful semi precious white, and off white stones.It is called GRAY BEAUTY.
The second is round in shape, and bead embroidered  with all kinds of bright colored beads, on a hand made chain with a ribbon tied to the chain, and in the center of the necklace is a antique china PENNY DOLL.
I call it BABY DOLL.

And the 3rd is a bib necklace with everything but the kitchen sink, done in colors of reds, copper, dark blues, and greens. It has beads, every size and shape, Wire thread forming flowers, in fact it is covered in flowers.

I designed my pieces after a famous costume jewelry designer in New York that has designed for the Oscars twice in his career. I loved his pieces, and hope at least one of my pieces win. But, so far only one other person has submitted a piece, and it was a hand embroidered eye in the middle of a circle, very cool...I don't know when I will know about that one...My computer is acting crazy, and I have been struggling with it. So, I haven't been on the usual 5-6 hours.

Hope everyone has a cool week/ Cheers M.J. Hill

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Jewelry was featured on DIY Today 3-1-12

My jewelry was featured today on DIY and also on another website

Rain Blanken - DIY Fashion Guide to you see (Hope Jewelry Creations). (Bead Embroidery) 3rd article from the top. And how-to-make-jewelry article at the bottom of page.

Hope Jewelry Creations can be seen on  Zibbet, Top Hatter Auction Fire Yardseller, and many other sites. I set my photos to music on Animoto.

I entered a recycled Necklace in Zebbit's Spring Challenge Contest which ends March 13th. check it out lots of fun things. I can be reached at

Cheers....have a great weekend.