Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is over and we can start out with a fresh New Year, how wonderful. It has been a weird 2011, but we do try our best to keep AUSTIN WEIRD! Trying to finish my necklace "Secrets in the Garden" but it is not coming together the way I want just yet. I have so many pieces I need to finish, but I really take my time with each one to get the right feel of the finish on each one.

 The weather has been great here, so far, so good. I moved here for that reason so I hope it continues, we had 3 months of no rain, but getting it now. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, take care.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

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It looks like old Santa is getting ready to make his deliveries, the older a person gets the less excited they are it seems. I still love the Christmas lights, the music and the Church Services, other then that I don't get too excited.

Also, I have noticed that close friends, and family don't bother to keep up emails or call around that time, oh well makes more time for me to work on my art projects. I am getting ready to start sewing pillows for my Daughter's business, if they are good enough. SHE IS VERY PICKY!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See you in 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Earthing Shoes/or Grounding Shoes

It's a rainy Wed night and I have been working on my friend's grounding shoes. Shoes that have magnets in the bottoms to balance and center her closer to the earth and nature. Thought I would have them finished by now. But I did finish another bead embroidery piece smaller then most of my work, it is called "Sisters Secrets in The Garden". It has tons of glass beads, a beautiful center piece of a miniature painting in the center, tiny leafs and off set colors to indicate flowers. I also started another piece it is an Indian Chief with a Totem on his head, it has varied colored beads, and feathers it will also have leather straps attached.

Hope to have pictures soon of all my work for everyone to see....have a great week.

Mari/Hope Jewelry Creations.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Freaky Friday Here in Austin,Texas

I just attempted to make a pair of (Grounding Shoes) if you know what that means. If not it means getting closer to the earth to absorb its energy. I love taking flip/flops apart and redesigning them and adding embellishments to them. They are a Christmas gift for a friend. And I added magnets to the inter soles.
 I have also been doing some bead embroidery necklaces of wolves, and western objects, long horn steers. I just learned how to bead embroidery and I have done I don't know how many pieces. I am like a few famous artist who love big huge pieces, I want to see it across the room. I also love to use odd color arrangements, it is almost like painting. Skeletons, bugs, lizards, anything, and everything goes.

I am hoping to get some pictures on here for everyone to see my latest creations. Take care, stay warm. Keep the High Vibration of the Universe.