Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Freaky Friday Here in Austin,Texas

I just attempted to make a pair of (Grounding Shoes) if you know what that means. If not it means getting closer to the earth to absorb its energy. I love taking flip/flops apart and redesigning them and adding embellishments to them. They are a Christmas gift for a friend. And I added magnets to the inter soles.
 I have also been doing some bead embroidery necklaces of wolves, and western objects, long horn steers. I just learned how to bead embroidery and I have done I don't know how many pieces. I am like a few famous artist who love big huge pieces, I want to see it across the room. I also love to use odd color arrangements, it is almost like painting. Skeletons, bugs, lizards, anything, and everything goes.

I am hoping to get some pictures on here for everyone to see my latest creations. Take care, stay warm. Keep the High Vibration of the Universe.

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